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England Hunting Prices

Trophy Fees

Muntjac £1150
Chineses Water Deer £1850
Soay Ram £1,250

Red Deer Cull Bucks Norfolk – £1500
Fallow £3250
Japanese or Formosan Sika  £2,400
Pere David Deer Gold Medal £8,500
Barasingha Deer £6,000
Black buck £3,000
Axis Deer £3000
Hebridean Sheep £1250
Four Horned Jacobs Ram £1,650

Manchurian Sika £3,500

Daily Fees and Rifle Rental

Hotel or Bed and Breakfast £75-£250 depending on standard (we book this separate from the hunt to your needs and desires)

Day Fees  £350 a day
Rifle hire £50 a day
Muzzleloader hire £75 a day

Airport pick up £150 from GATWICK / STANSTED London
Airport pick up £200 from HEATHROW London
Airport pick up £75 from NORWICH Norfolk

Airport pick up £100 from LUTON Midlands

Minibus £550 for the week hire.

Driver £550 5 days or £700 for 7 days plus hotel cost (small B&B needed )

Roe bucks (summer months only)

Roe Bucks up to 299grams                                 £450
Roe Bucks between 300 grams – 399 grams      £750
Roe Bucks between 400 grams – 499 grams      £1000
Roe Bucks between 500 grams – 599 grams      £2100
Roe Bucks between 600 grams – 699 grams.     £2750
Anything over 700 grams                                     £3500
Peruk Roe bucks                                                  £3500



Roe Buck Cull Bucks  £450

Trophy Roe Buck £3000
Red Deer by class
Class A £17,500
Class B £12,500
Class C £8,000

Red Deer Norfolk Gold Medal (Average 10×10) – £3500


Norfolk Roe buck prices.


Rep £450

6 pointer £850                            ( not the biggest bucks but lots of them)

Nice 6 pointer to medal £1250


Not included is pricing listed below and extras below.



Evening meals


Extra trips outside of hunting.

Extra ventures outside of hunting I.E site seeing (But can be arranged)

Non hunting members.


Seasons and Rutting months

Red Deer – September through the end of February – Best months October to December

Fallow Deer –   Months of hunting August 1st – April 30th best hunting months October too December

Sika Deer –     (Rutting months on all 3 are September – November end)

Chinese water deer    November 1st – March 31st ( Rutting month December)

Muntjac    No closed season, Rutting in December ( Best hunting months September to March.)

Roe bucks   Season April 1st October 31st best hunting months end of June to August