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Muntjac Hunts

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Europe Hunts offers incredible Muntjac Hunting in England.  Drive just a few hours outside of London and hunt the elusive Muntjac Free Range!  You will see multiple free ranging Muntjac in a day’s hunt.  Our Guides at Europe Hunts will be looking for a monster Muntjac with great antlers and teeth as they are both part of the Muntjac trophy.  We hunt for Muntjac just outside of London as well as the Norfolk area where they freely roam the country side.  Hunting for Muntjac Deer will be done either via Spot and Stalk hunting or from a High Seat over-looking a grazing area in the mornings and afternoons.

Pricing for Muntjac Hunting

Muntjac Deer Trophy Fee – £1150

Daily Rate or Stalking Fee – £300 per day (we recommend 2 days hunting for Chinese Water Deer)

Hotel, Bed and Breakfast or Inn – From £75 to 300 depending on your tastes or budget

 Daily Schedule for Hunting Muntjac

Your Muntjac Hunt typically begins with a light English breakfast at your English Inn, Hotel, or Bed and Breakfast just before daylight.  Your Europe Hunts Guide will meet you at your Inn, and transport you to the hunting grounds around 6:30am so that you will be in the field come sunrise.  By either Spot and Stalk or high seat, you and your guide will start glassing the forests for Trophy Muntjac Deer with Binoculars and via Eye Sight…some of these shots can be very quick and close, while other times, you will stumble upon a Muntjac quietly grazing in the forest and have a shot without them knowing your presence.  Once you have located a shooter Muntjac, you will either take a rest on shooting sticks, or stalk in closer for the shot.  If you are not successful on taking a Muntjac in the morning, you will return to your Inn or Hotel for lunch and resume your hunt in the afternoon.

Methods of Hunting Muntjac

In England, we hunt Muntjac with either rifle or Muzzle Loader only…Archery hunting is not permitted in England at this time.  Most Muntjac shots are taken from 70-100 yards utilizing rifle calibers comparable to .243.  For those hunters whom are not as mobile, we can also hunt Muntjac from High Seats (Elevated Hunting Blinds).  Muntjac are most active in the early morning or late afternoon.

Not included is pricing listed below and extras below.

Alcohol, Meals, Gratuities, Extra trips outside of hunting, Sight seeing trips, Non hunting members

Season for Hunting Muntjac

There is no closed Muntjac Season in England.  The best hunting months are from September to March with the Rut during the month of December.


Europe Hunts can arrange for you to be put in contact with a preferred taxidermist we use, but after contact is made we take no responsibility of shipping or work undertaken. This is a separate contact between hunter and taxidermist.  Dip/Ship of your trophies as well as full taxidermy is available.  We will utilize an import/export agent for the shipping of your trophies.

Other Species to Hunt

While Hunting Muntjac, Hunters may also choose to combine with a Chinese Water Deer, Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Soay Sheep, Blackbuck, or Axis Deer Hunt.  These species can be hunted during the same trip and most combination hunts can be completed in 3-4 days.